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 Mario Kart Wii

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PostSubject: Mario Kart Wii   Mario Kart Wii EmptySat Apr 26, 2008 4:44 pm

It comes out tomorrow and I have my pre-order completely paid. I'll get it before going to work and play it after I leave. I've heard you can add people on your Nintendo Wii List by sending invitations (that means, no friend code exchange or input necessary if they're in your list) and they only have to accept. The online is lag less says ign and a friend of mine who's got a chipped Wii (dang bastid!) and the gameplay is spot on. The fact that it will have it's own Channel that lets you know when people are online and simply the best online features of any Nintendo online game has me sold. But then again Mario Kart is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises and the one I keep playing years after the game has already come out. So, who's getting it tomorrow?
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Mario Kart Wii
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