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 Which costumes.

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Which costumes. Empty
PostSubject: Which costumes.   Which costumes. EmptyFri Feb 29, 2008 10:33 am

Do you reckon that when the game comes out where you are, you will stick with the characters original costume, or, when you unlock them, use the various other costumes available.

Also, do you think that there is enough variety of costumes available for each character, or do you think they should have released more. Personally I think that there will be more then enough, but I think it could be quite cool if, after a while, you were able to download extra costumes. Perhaps it could be score based, the higher your profile score, the cooler costume you could get.

I think that I will have a look at all of them, and find whichever one I like best.

Which costumes. MyawesomeSignatureofLink2

Have a great time, from the Nintendo Corner team.
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Which costumes.
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