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Faceplates. Empty
PostSubject: Faceplates.   Faceplates. EmptySat Feb 23, 2008 6:15 pm

I was just wondering who has what faceplates for their GH3 guitars, and if you don't have any, do you want any.

I wanted some more, because I reckon they look pretty awesome, and all your friends will be jealous. So far I have:

The original (internet image because I haven't photoed mine yet):--And a mirrored/chrome one:
Faceplates. Gh3_guitar Faceplates. Nintendostation5-1

What do you reckon, I think they look pretty cool, but I still would like a few more, it'd be so cool to have a rack full of different ones. Very Happy

Faceplates. MyawesomeSignatureofLink2

Have a great time, from the Nintendo Corner team.
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